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GO  (1)  Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv  2001



 SERIES 8   1-9


  1. gong to go                

  2. G

  3. Go

  4. C/O Go again

  5. Do go again

  6. Do go again/left

  7. Birth of a beautiful boy (a classical birth)Ass

  8. Birth

  9. Reverse 

הדמיון הוא צליין על פני הארץ וביתו בשמים: הגרוטסקות של תמר גטר    ה.ש.ל.ר    2001

Imagination is the pilgrim on the earth and its home is in heaven:

Tamar Getter's Grotesques by H.S.L.R.  2001

Marking the place of GO (1) drawings series on the walls is to indicate the installation thematic considerations  

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