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TAMAR GETTER: "DURER'S TROUSERS"     Sara Breitberg-Semel  KAV 1989

Perhaps it is no coincidence that the horse's tail is also used for making paintbrushes   Avi Lubin, October 2017

Imagination is the pilgrim on the earth and its home is in heaven:    Tamar Getter's Grotesques by H.S.L.R.  2001

Caught Between Utopias    Getter on architect  Bickels, The Museum of Art, EIN HAROD  1998

On RED LANDSCAPES and the LANDSCAPES cycle at large  1979 - 1982     Tamar Getter 2018

Solo Artist by Dalia Karpel  Ha'Aretz, June  2003

PLAY IT AGAIN - on Fit To Stand The Gaze Of Millions    Tamar Getter  Haifa Museum of Art 1999-2000

Comedy of Deviation: On Tamar Getter's Heliotropion Cycle    Oct. 2017   Prof. Susanne Leeb

Iris and the Idiot Woman: Torso and the Blemmyes (without a brain) bly-moach בלי-מוח     dec. 2020

Notes on "GOLEM" 1974 8mm film       Tamar Getter   2021

Upheaval in the Despot's Wake Rehearsal and Drawing in the Work of Tamar Getter  Prof. Susanne Leeb

AIQ - Architecture in Israel Quarterly 126   P. 80-85        Dr. Ami Ran      2021   

      2023    In the Studio with Tamar Getter – Artis Grant for Exceptional Work in Uncertain Times

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